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List Price: RM 2.45
Our Price: RM 2.20 per piece
*The Fibre-tip pen with cap-ring for school children aged 6 and over, who should never lose their pen caps again.
*Pen caps can be threaded onto a cap-ring , so it is almost impossible to lose them and the pen does not dry out.
*Unusual tube shape so the pen does not roll away and can be easily picked-up.
*Triangle Ergonomic grip zone ideally designed for children's hands.
*Line width approx. 1 mm.
*Easily washable ink.
*Ventilated cap.
*Can be left uncapped for up to 24 hours without drying out.
* Mark on most surface such as glass, wood, metal, foil and most plastic
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Stabilo Cappi Marker:
169/36 Green
169/40 Red
169/41 Blue
169/46 Black
169/55 Purple
169/56 Pink
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