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CANON SCIENTIFIC CALCULTOR 488 scientific and statistical functions - F-788SG-BL
List Price: RM 43.40
Our Price: RM 39.05
Display Type: Liquid Crystal Display
Line of Display: Two line Display
Upper Line (Dot Matrix): 12
Lower Line (Mantissa + Exponent): 10 + 2
Display Screen Size 61 x 25mm

General Calculation :Yes
Total Functions: 488
Store & Recall Memory: 9
Metric Conversion: 172
Scientific Constants: 79
Random Number: Yes
Least Common Multiple (LCM): Yes
Greatest Common Divisor (GCD): Yes
Quotient & Remainder Calculation (Q...r) :Yes
Absolute Value Calculation (Abs): Yes
Multi-statement Calculation: Yes
Improper, Mix Fractions, Decimal conversion: Yes
Trigonometry, Inverse Trigonometry: Yes
Angles (Degree, Radian, Gradient): Yes
Coordination Conversion (Rectangular <-> Polar):s
Low Battery Indication: Yes Ye
Automatic Power Off: Yes (7mins.)
Power Source: Dual Power ( Solar & Battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 168 x 86.3 x 17.8mm (with cover)
165 x 80 x 14mm (without Cover)
Weight: 124g (with Hard Case)
89g (without Hard Case)

Other Features
1. 7 mins. with memory protection while power-off
2. Anti-bacteria body casing
3. Some parts are manufactured from recycle Canon product material
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